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Welcome to Picasso School of Arts

In todays world, ART is an UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE OF COMMUNICATION. Art is also considered as one of the most important TOOL for overall growth of a healthy child. It acts as a catalyst in bringing out the imagination, creativity, self confidence, patience, discipline etc... in a child. The 7 year old, " PICASSO SCHOOL OF ARTS ", is a full fledged art source with 4 branches all over Tamil Nadu with more than 500 students in it. Every student is taught the basic nuances of art in the beginning and the students learn and develop their art skills in a very organized way. A student undergoes a gradual development starting with pencil drawing, then pen drawing whereafter the student moves on to pastel. When the student masters it, he/she moves on to do water coloring, acrylic painting and oil painting.

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Picasso conducts exhibition to enhance creativity. Visit our exhibition visual treat given by our students and trainers.

Student Gallery

We focus on improving creativity and works done by our students and Here is our srudents gallery for your view.


Let's learn with Picasso to become a best artist. Click here to know about the courses we have for children and adults.


Picaso School of atrs is one of the leading art schools and the courses conducted at Picasso are valuable and very useful for the person who untertake them. Dont miss the opportunity. Just make a call or contact us to joinj or further details.